Center-Steer Design

Load and unload from either side of the cart

Elemate 2.0 allows the daughter cart to ride off the ground

Full mechanical Dual Center latch design

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Product Description

The TCHA-20 (Tugger, Center-Steer, H-Frame, “A” Size) features Our Dual pin mechanical Center latch on both sides with elemate 2.0 to lift the daughter cart off the ground during transport.  The Center-Steer Diamond Shape Caster Position Allows For 2 Rigid Casters In The Center And Spring Loaded Swivel Casters Centered On Both Ends. The Spring Casters Allow For Continuous Ground Contact Reducing Noise And Caster Flutter.  These Premium Casters Help Easily Tug Up To 2000 Lb the h frame is designed to be loaded and unloaded from either side of the isle making this design ideal when isles are tight and lineside space is a premium.  carts are easily connected with a standard 2″ ball hitch that creates a quiet, smooth and consistent follow path.   The carryMore system increases safety, productivity and reduces cost.  For more information download the spec sheet and fill out the form to be contacted.

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