Hitch Control



Mounted directly to the back of the AGV

Includes the feature to hook the CarryMatic carts up to

Hardwired directly into the AGV,  integrated into the safety circuit of the AGV

Communicates with the Supervisor over wireless network

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Product Description

The Hitch Control is mounted to the back of the AGV, and controls the CarryMatic Carts. It houses a controller with an integrated touchscreen that functions as an operator HMI. The Hitch Control sends and receives data to and from the CarryMatic Carts via Ethernet cables. It communicates with the Master Control over the wireless network using a wireless LAN module. The LAN module utilizes access points around the facility to connect the Hitch Control to the LAN.  The Hitch Control is physically integrated into the safety circuit of the AGV and the control for the motion interlock, which disables AGV movement during transfers.  Design to work with powered roller carts and data server cart systems.

The CarryMatic system increases safety, productivity and reduces cost.  For more information fill out the form to be contacted by a CarryMatic system expert.

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