Powered Roller Station - Single Bay



Powered Conveyor Rollers

30 FPM Transfer Speed

208/480 VAC Motor

Autonomous Transfers

compatible with powered roller carts and AMR attachments

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Product Description

The Powered Roller CarryMatic Station, normally a CDLR type conveyor station, that performs automated material transfers with CarryMatic Carts, and with other powered conveyor sections, within a CarryMatic System. Stations are equipped HMI control panels with E-stop, load present sensors and cart alignment sensors. Guards and additional E-stop positions also available. These stations can be used for both load and unload transfer to and from the CarryMatic Carts.

The CarryMatic system increases safety, productivity and reduces cost.  For more information fill out the form to be contacted by a CarryMatic system expert.

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System Components

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