Pick-Up & Delivery Stand



1,650 & 3,300 lbs weight capacity available

Compatible With scissor lift attachment

uHMW pallet guides

Pallet lead-in widths are adjustable to 41″, 44″, 50″, and 54″.

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Pick-Up and delivery Stand 

The ASLL/LH-5060-16/33 (Autonomous, station, Lift, light/heavy) Stand is designed to seamlessly interface with the scissor lift attachment. This stand is expertly engineered for optimal performance, effortlessly adjustable with its leveling legs, and boasts a robust heavy-duty design. It showcases adaptable nylon pallet guides set at widths of 41″, 44″, 50″, and 54″, ensuring versatility for various applications.

Included as standard are rear-mounted nylon hard stops, enhancing both safety and operational ease. The P&D Stand offers flexibility in choice, available either in its fundamental “bare Stand” form or equipped with innovative IO sensor functionality.  For more information fill out the form to be contacted by a CarryMatic system expert.

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