2,000 or 4,000 lbs. capacity 

controlled with foot pedals or a hand pendent

Puck System to lock in Cart

22″ of vertical travel

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Product Description

The  LA-20 / LA-40 (Lift table, “A” series, 20 or 40) features a 24″ by 36″ platform with 2000 lb or 4000 lb capacity options that can be controlled with foot pedals or a hand pendent. CarryMore Daughter carts are locked into place on the table with a puck system that can be bolted on many of the existing cart designs. The table has 22″ of vertical travel and is 10″ off the ground fully collapsed.    

The lift has hydraulic power up and gravity down actuation with an approx. 14 second travel time up and adjustable lowering time.  For safety there is a yellow and black vinyl lift skirt and lag plates to mount to the floor. The LA-20 or 40 system increases safety, productivity, and reduces cost. For more information download the spec sheet and fill out the form to be contacted.

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